Our Story

Founded in 2000, Teramor Corporation began with Starwood VO as its first client. Trusted to develop strategy and manage direct marketing operations, Teramor’s team excelled in generating sales qualified leads to Starwood locations in the United States and Mexico. Teramor managed a database of over 20 million records, executed 50 different marketing campaigns every month and implemented a market management strategy supporting 450 contact center operators. Sales locations experienced exceptional unit sales growth, exceeding revenue performance objectives.

Today, Teramor is well-known for delivering successful lead generation within several business segments for product launch campaigns, progressive sales operations as well as direct consumer response for various products and services. Conventional marketing and media continues to have its place as we provide digital and social media marketing services. Performance analytics and client response, continually supports our work as superior in the space. Our success is clearly our access to and management of proprietary data and our relationship network who trust us to perform well by integrating current best practices.

Beyond our core support of real-estate developers and hospitality, we also provide services to advertising and marketing agencies and other specialized businesses in medical, financial and retail businesses with numerous locations throughout the US.

A Foundation of Performance

Amy Owen

Founder and Managing Director of Teramor, Amy Owen, has had a valued career in marketing. It’s a modest beginnings story where hard work perfecting skills with leading agencies and top brands lead to opportunities that supported the formation of Teramor. Leveraging those skills and experience Teramor achieves growth and responsibility with several clients in specialized and new business segments.

Teramor’s work with some of the best companies in their field reinforces her ability to adapt to constant change and new marketing options. That expertise is evident with demanding brands and high performance businesses in several areas of product and service marketing.

From Marriott to Starwood, KSL, The Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis, Homebuilders like Lennar, Pulte, Cal Atlantic and MBK and Del Webb in Senior Living and specialized retail businesses and more, the work experience has developed superior marketing expertise and exceptional connections that serve our clients well.

Our Name: Tera – Data Combined with Strategy and amor – our Passion for Success